"Strange Way To Live" 
Carl Dixon's autobiography

Carl Dixon''s journey through the twists and turns of a music performer''s life began in Northern Ontario, where his boyhood dreams, shaped by the 1960s, collided with a new musical culture.

Though Carl''s road was rocky, it was still paved with gold. It has led from his early days with hard-rockers Coney Hatch to tours and lasting friendships with huge acts like Iron Maiden. The ups and downs were meteoric, as Carl became a member of the legendary bands The Guess Who and April Wine and then faced the greatest test of all: a horrific auto collision in Australia that left him in a coma, barely clinging to life.


After 28 years original band members Andy Curran, Steve Shelski, Dave Ketchum and Carl Dixon stay true to the pledge to record a new album. Coney Hatch Four with it's driving,rocking great tracks of "Blown Away" , "Keep Driving" and "Revive" has received rave reviews in the British music media and voted into the Top 50 rock albums of 2013 in the UK media. 


As revealed in Carl's powerful workshops Carl Dixon is indeed a "lucky dog" to have survived the 50 injuries and the horrific trauma of a high speed, head on collision. Lucky Dog is an album full of hope, promise and the desire for a better future.

SNOW - Christmas album

The tiny cottage town of Haliburton Ontario has been fundamental to Carl's recovery. Here on "Snow" Carl is joined by friends and locals of the town to celebrate life, friendships in the spirit of love, peace and joy.

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