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The initial prognosis by hospital emergency teams was bleak: brain damage, complete ­blindness, amputation of an arm and a leg, quadriplegia. Two years after his miracle survival Carl was given a rare honour by his rescuers. They presented him a paramedics badge, in total awe of Carl's survival. 


Carl retains titanium replacements in his legs, arm, head, a glass eye...the list is long. Carl's comeback from the brink forms his powerful keynote address about teamwork, positivity and shattering your illusions


"Adversity doesn't just build character - it REVEALS character"

"What if you do everything right? Try to be a good responsible person but your emotions drive your good thoughts out of your head, even for a short time. My downfall was distractedness. Not being in the moment.  It wasn't from text messaging, being on a cell phone or being high or drunk. I was intellectually impaired. That doesn't mean stupid. That means I had my thoughts and alertness impaired by a flood of emotions.

Emotional upset can often mean intellectual impairment. When we are in that state we prioritize the events in our minds rather than the real world around us. Only by mastering our emotions intentionally do we regain the here and now. and regain our ability to respond to real life as its happening. BE WHERE YOU ARE"

Carl Dixon Calgary 2017






"What's in your DNA; what's your key yearning?

By focusing on making music again (I couldn't even hold a guitar pick for a long time) I was able to take small achievable steps forward with positive, small results. ..(learning to hold the pick - I 'cheated' by using Mac-Tack at first). I also created a mantra in my head "no fear no weakness."

Of course I was fearful and physically weakened but I didn't let that overwhelm me. I found inner strength I found new friendships. I found new ways to laugh and reasons to be happy. I was bouyed by old friendships and the love and support all around me.

Although even tougher times were yet to come for me, taking these steps helped me move forward and lay the foundations to cope with what was to come.

I function well despite "severe disabilities" including loss of an eye and masses of metal implants.  

ALL the medical experts agree: I made a miraculous recovery.


We all rely on a team of people and connections.


Everyday I think of the amazing professionals, strangers and volunteers who helped save me that fateful night and the months that followed. The trauma bursts through the cracks sometimes. Good people remain around me to help me through those days. To the countless folks, key family members and friends who stood by me, to the incredible E.R. teams at the Alfred Hospital and Rehab teams at the Epworth, to all of you I say THANK YOU.


Kick start your life with all the energy you can possibly bring to the project. Each of our lives is our most important project.

G'bye Nurses Ep_edited.jpg

Carl and his wife Helen, an Australian, met through friends in Canada.
"The power of two is greater than just the power of two" - Carl Dixon

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