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S.T.A.R.T. came to Carl after the tempest of his biggest test had calmed and it describes the course he followed before he had a name for it. Knocked down? Need a plan for getting back up off the floor? The 5 steps of Stop, Think, Accept, Renew, & Thank apply to any setback or abrupt change. Carl describes how each step is important and must follow in sequence to help us begin again.


 Motivation comes from our thoughts and our values. Whatever we truly value most highly will be our primary motivator.

Carl shows how motivation can be drawn from our cherished connections and brought to bear on challenges before us. 

We can change indifference to commitment by finding our meaningful reason to try.

Carl learned when faced with losing life, limb and future that his meaningful reason was not letting others down. We all need our place in “the group” to make us feel valued and secure. 


How do you create and sustain Perseverance?

You set a Powerful Goal that keeps the engine humming no matter what this world throws at you.

Carl’s crisis motto “No Fear, No Weakness” kept him on track through the toughest days of his recovery.

Perseverance is like the long-haul trucker compared to the short-haul city driver that is Resilience. If Resilience is required in bursts, Perseverance is applied constantly and vigilantly. Perseverance is the Sustained Effort, the habit of applying effort in the areas that will move you forward.

Carl shows how Perseverance is tied to Commitment.


Carl Dixon says

“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals character”.

Setbacks are no fun and we usually don’t expect them. Our best-laid plans can collapse and Now What?  

Resilience. Bouncing back. Getting up off the mat when it looks like you’re down for the count.

Carl was at the seeming pinnacle and then in a few seconds of mishap it was lost. He had to draw on the lessons learned from many setbacks in life.

Resilience begins within, and it starts with love; loving yourself enough to find the will to make an effort. 

Resilience = Strength


Any team begins with an idea. A team needs an idea they want to achieve.

What IS the team? What is it for? What does it want to do?

What’s the goal ? 

Carl’s experience of decades in music business, bands and athletics teams, then receiving  care from top medical teams, has taught him unique insights.   

Do you feel like part of a team? 

Teams have membership requirements.

Succeeding within a team takes more than joining a great team; you also need to be a great team member. 

What are you bringing to the team?

Teamwork = partnership

Carl Dixon and wife Helen Parker.jpg

Carl and his wife Helen Parker, an Australian. They met in Canada through mutual friends.
"The power of two is greater than just the power of two" - Carl Dixon

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