"Strange Way To Live" 
Carl Dixon's autobiography

Carl Dixon''s journey through the twists and turns of a music performer''s life began in Northern Ontario, where his boyhood dreams, shaped by the 1960s, collided with a new musical culture.

Though Carl''s road was rocky, it was still paved with gold. It has led from his early days with hard-rockers Coney Hatch to tours and lasting friendships with huge acts like Iron Maiden. The ups and downs were meteoric, as Carl became a member of the legendary bands The Guess Who and April Wine and then faced the greatest test of all: a horrific auto collision in Australia that left him in a coma, barely clinging to life.



Rock Musician & catastrophic injury survivor

inspirational speaker

"The only comeback story greater than Team Canada 72" - Ron MacLean, Broadcaster

Carl Dixon returned to music
Carl Dixon post coma 2008
Carl Dixon car accident
Host Jenn Valentyne with Carl & Melissa from BIST Dixon

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"A dream is a hope and illusion is a lie. By shedding illusions we can focus on the reality of our situation and then we are free to pursue our dreams" - Carl Dixon

National Speakers Bureau TORONTO 1 (800) 360 1073 | VANCOUVER 1 (800) 661 4110



"At some time in our lives, we'll experience some sort of trauma a smack down if you will. Smackdowns can be: loss of job, loss of health, relationship breakdown, financial loss. Anyone of these four is a hard thing to recover from and return to stability. That's what we all want, is stability. While I was lead singer of The Guess Who, (a stable job) in the space of a few minutes - all four of these smackdowns happened to me at once."

I was clinging to life with 52 injuries, I would soon lose my job with The Guess Who, I emerged to find a mountain of debt and my family were about to leave me. I felt scarred, unwanted and unemployable." 

Yet in a decade the transformation has been beyond imagining. I'm going to show you how I made it back. I'm going to show you the critical paths that led to recovery. This isn't proven scientific research, this is simply my experience. Now that I've taken time to analyse it, I want to share it with you.

But first let's start with a song....."

Carl Dixon biography "Strange Way To Live"
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