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"Strange Way To Live" 
Carl Dixon's autobiography

Carl Dixon''s journey through the twists and turns of a music performer''s life began in Northern Ontario, where his boyhood dreams, shaped by the 1960s, collided with a new musical culture.

Though Carl''s road was rocky, it was still paved with gold. It has led from his early days with hard-rockers Coney Hatch to tours and lasting friendships with huge acts like Iron Maiden. The ups and downs were meteoric, as Carl became a member of the legendary bands The Guess Who and April Wine and then faced the greatest test of all: a horrific auto collision in Australia that left him in a coma, barely clinging to life.

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Clients include:

"You may have achieved in just a few speeches, what we would be proud to achieve in months, or years. So, thank you, for helping to keep my people safe." Dale Harris, CRSPSr. Supervisor, Safety & Security.  Nutrien, Canada

Be The Hero of Your Own Story

50 minute keynote

Carl Dixon takes the audience on an emotional journey with humour, insight and poignancy that will make  listeners think differently about how to meet adversity. Carl explains how we each have the potential be the hero in our own story. "Give yourself permission to soar."  Carl shares stories, from his rock star journey across three decades to the tale of his body-mangling MVA. That accident was a turning point. His unlikely recovery showed Carl the many heroes that walk among us everyday. We all have the power to be the hero in our own story.

How do you achieve that?

Carl teaches:

  • No Fear, No Weakness

  • Finding Your Mentor

  • Recognizing Turning Points

  • S.T.A.R.T. formula - to help people build Mental Strength, Resilience, Reinvention, Commitment and Focus. 



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"The only comeback story greater than Team Canada 72" - Ron MacLean, Broadcaster

S.T.A.R.T. is the central philosophy of Carl Dixon’s speech. Carl sustained 52 serious injuries including traumatic brain injury from his 2008 accident. Rescuers and surgeons believed if he survived he would never walk or talk again and he'd likely be blind.

Surrounded by heroes - Carl recognized the intrinsic communal fact of our lives: we are all on a journey.

Being the "hero" in your own journey makes us think differently about actions and consequences; aims and outcomes. Cause and effect... people who are more inspired, aware and committed will naturally be more productive.

The heroes journey entails finding your mentor. Nomatter what industry you're in, to reach our goals both personal and professional -we need a guiding light. Carl explains how to find your mentor. When we are all inundated with so many voices - how do you choose the right guides in your life?

For Carl, his mentor was NHL, WHA and Chicago Black Hawks, great Pat Stapleton.

"We met through Pat's sons and quickly Pat became like a father-figure to me. Sadly Pat died during the pandemic but his words and advice continue to guide me daily" says Carl.

With music performances, a video back drop and his compelling story, Carl will take your audience on an emotional journey. It will make them think differently about survival, teamwork and staying safe. "Survival of the organism is paramount. I'm going to teach you about survival and Thrival (how to thrive) but first, be willing to play the part of the hero in your own story."

Carl Dixon

"Carl  also showed how a few seconds of not focusing on the right thing can result in a life changing experience. I highly recommend him."  

- Michael Angemeer, President and CEO.

Veridian Corporation

SURVIVING AFTER THE CRASH - the heroes in Carl's story of survival 

The Audience

Carl's presentation works best for audiences  who are keen to build team spirit - and focused on keeping their teams safe:

- Workplace Safety conferences

- Health and Wellness events

- Groups that are constantly facing change 

- Workplaces looking for a “lift” of inspiration for their


- It also plays well to a convention simply looking for something “different” this year!

So many of us today seek to find the mental strength to endure, the resilience to bounce back, Imagine yourself in your own story, at home, play and at work: we all have the capacity to join the heroes journey.

Carl Dixon’s credentials back up every word of his talk. From a seemingly ordinary life, at just 22 he was signed to his first international record deal with CONEY HATCH. Opening for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest's North American tours was "like rock music university" but along the way Carl made significant personal choices that would later prove to be the difference between life and death. He also befriended Pat Stapleton - so when Carl's biggest smackdown came, in the form of a catastrophic car accident in rural Australia, Carl had the resolve to find a way back to life. In spite of heartbreaks and huge setbacks, Carl Dixon has the wisdom and experience to share deep insights on getting through hard times. Carl was assessed as having a 75% loss of ability following his accident and brain injury, yet he thrives today. His showmanship and open candour bring a compelling energy to the speaker platform.

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Carl Dixon in The Guess Who

Inspire your audience with a keynote from Carl Dixon

Books & music

Carl Dixon is a published author of "Strange Way to Live". Copies of his book can be obtained for your event and Carl will be available for signings.  He still performs with Coney Hatch (40 years together) and also plays as a solo artist or in various bands that can be incorporated at your event. 

Carl Dixon biography "Strange Way To Live"

Diversity and equity, keeping all audiences and speakers feeling included is important to Carl. Therefore Carl only accepts speaking engagements from organizations that are committed to both representation and inclusivity in the speaker lineup. Thank you.

Carl's natural warmth and connection to an audience make him a compelling keynote speaker. He weaves music throughout his presentation


  • USING S.T.A.R.T.







"Carl did a wonderful job of sharing his message and opening our employees minds to a new way of thinking"


"​One of the hardest things we do as safety professionals, is try to deliver a message that sticks. For us the hallmark of achievement, is when we hear that people have adopted the information we have given them, at home. Even better, shared it with their families. This tells us that they have truly started to develop a safety culture of their very own, one that could likely last generations. Achieving this is understandably quite rare. Carl, after your run of shows here I received feedback from DOZENS of people that they went home and shared your message, story, and learnings, with their families."

Dale Harris, CRSPSr. Supervisor, Safety & Security.  Nutrien, Canada

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