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Carl Dixon's career as a musician and performer began in 1979. Over the decades since then he recorded and toured with Coney Hatch, The Guess Who and April Wine. Such things don't happen by accident. For each of those career milestones there was a period of preparation and planning. Each success came about through careful management.

In a stunning and sudden reversal of fortune, Carl was knocked off his flight path by a 2008 head-on auto accident in Australia. His recovery from the devastation of 50 injuries was now dependent on the successful management of one specialists team after another: the Emergency Rescue Team, the Police, the Air Ambulance and Paramedics, the Hospital Trauma Unit, ER Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Psych and brain therapists, even a Music therapist, each playing their critical role, each executing their individual plans but everyone working as team with one primary goal…..get Carl back on stage performing. Those many hands on deck made it possible for Carl to resume his own project, namely the restoration of his broken body to a state that he could one day return to where he'd left off, singing for The Guess Who.

Carl's actual rescue & transfer from ground team to air ambulance

Australia 2008

Carl with nurses, surgeons and therapists

Melbourne 2008

Carl's return to The Guess Who 2016

“Wanting to get back what he may have lost, Mr. Dixon is a real life example of the indomitable human spirit”

Attendee, Saskatchewan  Conference 2015


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"I’ve heard employees having some fantastic conversations since the presentation; which shows Carl's presentation was impactful."

- Mustang Randall, CRSP, CSP, Grad IOSH, Safety Lead

Trans Canada Pipeline

Carl Dixon is a Canadian rock musician and inspirational speaker.  His career took off opening for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest's North American tours at age 23 - but his life nearly ended in Australia. As lead singer of The Guess Who, Carl was in a high speed car accident, almost torn to shreds on a remote rural road. Carl Dixon's incredible survival story, emphasizes that the small decisions we make have life changing consequences. Rescuers believed that with 52 injuries and traumatic brain injury there was no chance of Carl's survival. Surgeons expected Carl may never walk, talk or even see again let alone play music on the world stage. Carl shares his inspiring lessons learned from standing in front of 20,000 people to not being able to stand at all. Then, to make an incredible recovery. Carl weaves music into the narrative. His talk is suited to any groups wanting to:

  • Improve safety

  • Inspire  renewal after hard times

  • Emphasize the value in teamwork.


Carl Dixon inspiration speaker - at home on the ranch

Carl Dixon's talk is a powerful hour. His story is told with honesty, humour, analysis, multi media and music. Carl shares his S.T.A.R.T. philosophy. STOP, THINK, ACCEPT, RENEW and THANK - the foundation of moving forward during any difficult situation. S.T.A.R.T. was crucial to Carl's mental strength during years in recovery and is something he applies daily.
"Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have". There's an extraordinary twist to the tale - a chance meeting with an Australian years after his accident saw Carl's life take a new turn. This underlies Carl's philosophy that the energy we put out into the world can bounce back to us in unexpected ways. 
There's also the additional option to hire Carl to play for an hour after your speaking event. His solo acoustic show is an impressive, feel good dance and sing-a-long party. Impressive in that Carl had to learn to play and sing again post accident. His voice and ability are more powerful than ever. "Carl Dixon remains one of Canada's stellar rock voices" - Larry Gowan on CBC Radio

Carl Dixon car accident crushed car
Carl Dixon back performing live
Carl Dixon - car accident rescue

Carl's rescue 2008 Ballan Victoria Australia

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