June 2016

The Brain Injury Association of Niagara’s Food for Thought Gala 2016 was a huge

success this year. Our theme was “Rock Starts Unite” and we are truly grateful that

Carl Dixon played such a significant part in the event.

Not only is Carl a world renowned rock star, but he brought with him his experience as a brain injury survivor. His journey back from a near fatal car accident is a compelling story that will take your breath away. The physical recovery was arduous as was the cognitive rehabilitation process. Carl recounted the darkest days of his life which were shadowed by a dubious future. Then, he brought it full circle through his masterful musical talent and great sense of humour. The audience was riveted! During the evening, Carl took time to answer questions and meet with other ABI (acquired brain injury) guests and their caregivers. His energy and sense of connectedness lit up the room. Everyone fell in love with him!! We can’t begin to thank Carl enough for what he brought to our event – he truly is an ambassador of hope.


Darlene Humphrey, Board Member

Brain Injury Association of Niagara

Brenda Saunders, Food for Thought Gala Committee Chair


This is the first time that our FFT Gala has had the pleasure to have a

dynamic keynote speaker and an entertainer in one terrific person.

"The most fun ever at a fundraising event."

"I wish I could have listened to him play all night."

"He’s so fantastic."

"Carl’s story was very inspirational."

"It was wonderful to see someone with a traumatic brain injury make such a remarkable recovery"

"He captivated the audience with his story, his music and his gift for bringing them all together - what a night!!"

 "Carl was very real, down to earth."

"Oh, I was an instant groupie."


"Strange Way to Live"

by Dundurn Press .

Canada, USA, UK and Australia

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Carl was the closing keynote speaker at the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s 2015 Industrial Safety Seminar, and his presentation was a perfect end to the conference. He captivated the audience with the story of how his life changed in the blink of an eye, and the road to recovery afterwards. His positive outlook on life is truly inspiring.


Both entertaining and engaging, I would highly recommend Carl for keynote speaking engagements. I hope that many others are able to hear his remarkable story.


Mindy Calder

Communications and Events Coordinator

Saskatchewan Safety Council











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Why Carl's inspiring talk receives standing ovations again and again.


Carl, after your run of shows here I received feedback from DOZENS of people that they went home and shared your message, story, and learnings, with their families. You may have achieved in just a few shows, what we would be proud to achieve in months, or years. So, thank you, for helping to keep my people safe.




Carl Dixon has been keynote speaker at our Global TapRoot® Summit on three occasions.  Carl shares his riveting account about his life as a musician who, faced with overcoming catastrophic injuries sustained in an automobile accident, triumphantly returned to music.

The evaluations from his presentation at our conference were extremely positive.

For example:
"I was so motivated by Carl's story. A fantastic recovery from a near fatal injury." -David B.
"Very inspiring to hear the impact accidents have on our lives." - Scott G.
"Moving story; powerful vocalist."- Cody D.
"From the heart, excellent."- Chuck T.

Your program was incredible! The sound, visuals, storytelling, book/CD display, and audience interaction were all top notch. We received some glowing feedback after the show, and it was lovely to see the audience request songs and ask interesting questions. 

Toronto Reference Library 2019

As a part of the Steering Committee for the Annual Industrial Safety Seminar, and the Chairperson of the Southern Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, I had the pleasure of seeing Carl Dixon speak and perform on two separate occasions. Carl is a passionate speaker that inspired and entertained the audience in his presentations. I have included some excerpts from our delegate evaluations below:

“Amazing story, he's such a hero!”

“Very powerful message about how a moment of distraction can change your life forever”

“Wanting to get back what he may have lost, Mr. Dixon is a real life example of the indomitable human spirit”

“Touching, moving, a perfect end to the conference”

Carl’s presentation will capture the audience’s attention from many different perspectives as he talks from the perspective of a professional musician, a person and a patient. I would most definitely recommend him as a speaker for any organization interested in having an excellent presentation that is entertaining and thought provoking.

- Jeff Peters CRSP CHSC CHRP Workplace Health and Safety Consultant

Quotes from the night:

"It was wonderful to see someone with a traumatic brain injury make such a remarkable recovery"

"The most fun ever at a fundraising event."

"I wish I could have listened to him play all night."

"Carl’s story was very inspirational."

"He captivated the audience with his story, his music and his gift for bringing them all together - what a night!!"

 "Carl was very real, down to earth."



FROM: Michael Williams

Director of Safety, Training and Loss Control

Colorado Rural Electric Association, Denver CO

"I have spent most of my life working in an industry that does not give many second chances to the affected workers when errors are made. High voltage power line work demands the strictest and above all consistent safe work practices, or injuries and fatalities can be the result of an incident.


We listened as Carl delivered an emotion filled message all the while drawing parallels between his personal incident and challenges we face at our workplace. His interactive style was so compelling as he spoke of lack of focus, distractions, teamwork, job briefings and planning. The connection was immediate.


Last, but certainly not least was how he displayed his gifts and talents by incorporating songs during the story. Such a passionate and exceptionally gifted speaker! We look forward to working with Carl again in the near future and enthusiastically recommend him!"




To say that his story could have belonged to any of us would be a simple statement of truth. To believe that any of us could survive as Carl did would be the best possible outcome, but the truth is that Carl’s recovery has happened because of his strength and determination and because he has a solid support team composed of medical professionals, family and friends.

 - Jim Miners, Veridian



"To the utter delight of everyone there, Carl wove his beautiful music seamlessly into his talk, providing a depth of feeling one seldom gets to experience first-hand.

I have been working in the field of rehabilitation for the past 33 years, and have been speaking professionally for most of that time. From my perspective as a practitioner-patient-survivor, Carl’s compelling and profound story is engaging, enlightening, and moving. He is well-spoken, intelligent and so very enjoyable to listen to. Carl already knows how to connect with an audience, and his professional grace on-stage is obvious. Carl’s story is one that I believe everyone must hear"


Val Lougheed, M.Ed, RSW, CCRC, CVE, RRP
Northern Lights Canada




Hearing Carl's story was incredibly moving, and the way Carl was able to incorporate his songs into the conversation made the evening a wonderfully meaningful journey. Having the opportunity to hear Carl's music in an intimate, storytelling setting like Beyond the Open Door has made me come to appreciate Carl's talent in a whole new way.


- Anne Turnbull, Maritz Canada





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